GailMountainConsults:  It Is What It Is. Now What?

Imagine it + Act on it + Analyze it + Act on it again = Success


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About  GailMountainConsults: It is what it is. Now what?


GailMountainConsults: It is what it is. Now what?

 It isn't about finding self -- it's about creating self!

Offered by GailMountainConsults,  Creative Personal Strategic Planning for Women is an eight-part series of basic training workshops focused on women in community with each other taking personal leadership to imagine and execute personal strategic plans that will move them forward. Adaptable (per consultation) to ALL women seeking transformational change, this Program specializes in group coaching single Moms toward economic stability via motivated acceptance of their roles in the pursuit of the goals and objectives that will ultimately result in careers that pay family-living wages.

 Mission Statement

At GailMountainConsults, we believe in the resilience of the human spirit and we facilitate creative strategic movement from one space in life into another space in life through the management of old patterns of thought and behavior and the introduction of new ones, yielding positive and measurable outcomes.

Program Rationale

 At GailMountainConsults, it is our experience that nothing happens without intention. This workshop series provides a learning community for women where they intentionally connect with each other, where they intentionally imagine new realities and where they intentionally bring those new realities into being. Using tools of Creative Personal Strategic Planning, Assessment, Evaluation, and Measurement -- some adapted from the tried and true and some more recently developed -- participants create next steps, take action toward those next steps, and reflect, analyze, and adapt over a lifetime. As self-authors of their own lives, they are encouraged to become life-long learners and practitioners of Hospitality, Mutuality and Praxis, all of which will serve them as they continue their journeys toward success.

* We at GailMountainConsults have been blessed to have had many teachers in our lives and we extend our deepest gratitude to all of them, with special gratitude and love to Nancy Schwoyer and Sr. Margaret Leonard who gifted us their philosophical social justice practices upon which we now build our own work.


Message from Executive Director Gail Mountain: When the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) was enacted in 1996 I believed President Clinton’s intention was good. Having said that, I also believed President Clinton demonstrated misguided faith that the opposition would fund his intention to provide opportunities, juxtaposed with appropriate supports, for single moms and their children to move out of poverty through higher education/training. As a result of his profound miscalculation, he signed an act that closed the door on higher education/training and fueled a belief held by many that poverty is the result of human failure -- alone. However, despite the imposition of the misguided PRWORA, some have continued to work to make higher education/training a reality for single moms, comprehending access to higher education/training results in educated, active citizens, narrows the income gap, increases the tax base, decreases the use of subsidies, and impacts a second generation, contributing to the probability of breaking the cycle of poverty. For the past 10 years, I have worked with predominantly single moms who have made the choice to do whatever is necessary to obtain higher education/training and to obtain careers that pay a family-living wage. It is a difficult/exhausting journey for women whose 12-hour days are filled with parenting, classes, studying, working, systems demands more often than not without benefit of a support system to provide a sense of place and compassionate relief -- financially, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. I have been blessed, as a poverty survivor, to have obtained my education in human nature in the streets; I have been blessed, as a provocateur in school to have teachers who tempered me but did not stifle me; I have been blessed as a journalist and a life coach to have colleagues who have shared knowledge with me and; I have been blessed, most importantly, as a woman who is passionate about the plight of single moms and their children, to have had the opportunity to serve participants who have shared their experiences with me for it is the latter who have bestowed on me a master’s degree in Personal Transformation 101. What they taught me was that a more flexible hierarchy of needs was required for them to build the foundation they would need to raise their families and to obtain higher education/training and a career that pays a family-living wage because their human growth development was not happening in a neat little triangle filled with neat little rows of skills mastered without interruption. I am grateful for all of my teachers because they are the ones who led me to create a model of Personal Transformation that can work for all women moving forward in their lives.