GailMountainConsults:  It Is What It Is. Now What?

Imagine it + Act on it + Analyze it + Act on it again = Success


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Featuring Creative Personal Strategic Planning For Women --


An eight-week, basic training series of workshops designed to group coach income-limited women toward taking personal leadership and self-authoring their own sustainable success via a process that will change how their personal forward movement is approached for life!


Nearly 10 years of group coaching motivated income-limited moms toward sustainable economic stability -- meeting women where they are when they come in the door; providing a safe learning environment and; guiding personal strategic planning -- led to women graduating from educational institutions and moving toward careers with an 80% job-placement rate, an average annual starting salary of $35,000.00 and an average annual reduction in subsidies of $10,000.00


Creative Personal Strategic Planning is for all women but we do specialize in working with single moms seeking jobs that pay a  living wage: IF YOU ARE WORKING WITH INCOME-LIMITED WOMEN WHO ARE MOTIVATED TO MOVE FORWARD as you move through our presentations please consider GailMountainConsults as a possible partner in enhancing the work you do. 

Thank you!


“When you know better you do better.” (Maya Angelou)